In our quest to provide products out of the ordinary, we have a range of products to meet this need. Indeed, with these products you can make technology an art.

Kinetic Lights


This genuine 3d attraction features real-time animation and can be viewed from all sides. A matrix of spheres, triangles, tubes, suspended so they can move up and down freely, presents three-dimensional animated images that seem to float in space. Light, color, shape and movement come together to create a truly breathtaking, unique presentation. From the smallest detail to the entire programming, every aspect of free float was developed in-house at Fractal Systems. The dimensions and many other parameters can be changed depending on the versatility of the product.

Technical Specification

Measurements of sphere matrix 1000 rgb-led matrix:
Height: up to 6m
Width: 20m
Depth: 12m
The spheres can be replaced by all rotation-symmetric shapes. The number of objects can vary according to size ofthe installations.

Animated Display

Digital displays are used mostly for trade shows and nobody pays any attention to it. To solve this issue, we created animated screens, thanks to our real time rendering engine, all the screen can work together so that the contents on each screen is always consistent with the one next to it.


Displays movement can be sliding, rotation, etc