The Living Ceiling

Kinetic Lights system is a combination of art & technology – an art from any medium that contains movements perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect.

Kinetic Lights is a very impressive mechatronic technology, which can be customized to any light, color, shape and movement. This genuine 3D attraction features real-time animation and can be viewed from all sides.

This genuine 3D attraction features real-time animation and can be viewed from all sides. A matrix of spheres, triangles, tubes, suspended so they can move up and down freely, presents three-dimensional animated images that seem to float in space. Light, color, shape and movement come together to create a truly breathtaking, unique presentation. From the smallest detail to the entire programming, every aspect of free float was developed in-house at Fractal Systems. The dimensions and many other parameters can be changed depending on the versatility of the product.

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Showcase your information in an innovative designer way!

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Fractal Systems have developed a unique Sliding Screen X-Ray system.

It enables the viewer to scan what is behind the screen in an X-Ray visual. The user can control the movement of the Sliding Screen wirelessly through a tablet or from a touch kiosk. The Sliding Screen can be controlled manually as well.

The Sliding Screen reveals a digital vision of a physical element at the backdrop. The Screen scans like a magnifying glass which brings the static backdrop into life in motion.

It acts like an X-Ray Scanner which displays information about the product features, with the opportunity to include different forms of media – text, images, video, 3D elements etc.

For example – background can be a car or any picture.

The movement of the screen is controlled by the tablet, and it runs on a rail slider and motor which enables the screen to move according to the directions and command of the user.

An application is running on a real-time 3D game engine which replicates the content at the background.

The App reads the position values from the motor. A computer is connected to the screen which the display the content developed by our 3D designers.

There is an internal network that connects the tablet to the main computer, which gives instructions to the motor and enables the screen to slide.

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Wave-like wall

This Kinetic Wall can change the shape by extruding square elements. All of these elements are pre-programmed.

The programming includes the synchronization of the wall with the projection mapping content as well as sound and lightning.

Besides the 3D mapping, the Kinetic Wall can be used with the LED panels as well.

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Let the robot attract and interact with the public.

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We are mixing different technologies to provide robots which can interact with the public. Controlled from a backstage room, our robots provide great entertainment to people and give different kinds of information.


Your mechanical assistant

Here at Fractal Systems, we can programme the industrial robot to fit anyone‘s needs. There are unlimited options how can the Robotic Arm be used. Make your presentation in the most innovative and unique way Robotic Arm and interactive screen. In addition to that this Robotic Arm can be programmed and used as a App controlled Bartender.

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