Digital Display is an effective communication tool to reach your business among the potential and targeted audiences in Dubai in the fastest way. It is a combination of latest technology and high end visual appeal. Our digital display system helps you to differentiate your product from competitors. We are flexible enough to provide you with high quality digital displays as per your choice along with expert technical support.

Large Interactive Showcases

Digital displays are used for trade shows and but nobody pays any attention to it because they are all the same.

To solve this issue, Fractal Systems created animated screens which thanks to our real time rendering engine can work together that the contents on each screen is always consistent with the one next to it.

These multi action screens can display movements be it sliding, rotation, etc.

The result is simply eye catching and unforgettable to people who come for your events and exhibitions.

3D Mapping

3D projection mapping is a new technology for video projection that can turn any surface into a dynamic video. If you desire to organize an innovative event, this technique is adapted to make all your imaginations come true.


3D projection mapping is a new technology which allows a multitude of possibilities. The software used for this type of projection analyzes the surface irregularities of the 3D objects. We create images and then project it on the object. The result is a dynamic video projection that gives life to any three dimensional object. A wall, a car, a blackboard, even a building can be the used to project your creation.


Features are tailored depending on your project needs and environment. Our team guarantees that you will be provided with the best equipments for your event.


Interactive Floor

  • Turns simple spaces into inspiring experiences /li>
  • Awakes the curiosity of passers-by in public
  • Fun way to interact
  • Provides an innovative high tech experience


    All in one solution including

  • Projector
  • Motion capture system
  • Computer

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MultiTaction® iWall is an interactive video wall targeted to public spaces such as corporate lobbies, sales offices, city hot spots, product showcases, or visitor centers.

iWall is a robust, turn-key solution that sets a new standard for inter active walls.


  • Collaborate, communicate & explore
  • 12 x 55” MultiTaction® Cell with Ultra-Thin Bezels + 1 spare unit
  • Running Windows 7, Linux, and IOS
  • Internal cabling and LAN switch
  • 200 fps (frames per second) computer vision touch tracking
  • Full HD 500 nits screen brightness
  • MultiTaction® Experience application with 5 day customization package
  • On-site installation & training
  • Pro Support for first year
  • MultiTaction® Site Manager remote management for first year

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