Kinetic Lights system is a combination of art & technology – an art from any medium that contains movements perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect.

Kinetic Lights is a very impressive mechatronic technology, which can be customized to any light, color, shape and movement. This genuine 3D attraction features real-time animation and can be viewed from all sides.

A matrix of spheres, triangles, tubes, suspended with free up and down movements, presents three-dimensional animations that seem to float in space. A light object of any shape is connected to a motor unit. With the help of specially designed, signal cable the motor unit can move the objects up and down with precision. Each light ball can be adjusted individually in height, speed, color and luminance - simply by industry standard control equipment. These unique light balls can generate complex three-dimensional abstract shapes and visual effects. Individually shaped LED modules can be attached to the system to form custom solutions.

Light, color, shape and movement come together to create a truly breathtaking, unique presentation. From the smallest detail to the entire programming, every aspect of the Free Float was developed in-house at Fractal Systems and is fully customizable.

This is an eye-catching technology where-in the dimensions and all animation parameters can be changed.

The spheres can be replaced by all rotation-symmetric shapes. Depending on the size of the installation, the number of objects can be changed. Illuminate your guests with this impressive structure.

Technical Specification

[For an Installation of 1000 Spheres]

  • Height – Upto 6 meters
  • Width – 20 meters
  • Depth – 12 meters