Bring your products to life


Our stage holograms are newly patented projection systems, producing a free floating holographic effect. Objects can be projected in any size in order to create the perfect illusion.

It works with a projector that reflects what you want to show on a wide, ultra thin foil, or an inclined transparent glass, which makes the support unseen.


Bring your customer into the tridimensional world


Perfect for retail or event stands, our small scale holograms are made to bring your universe to your customer, through an eye-catching product.

The reflection process gives the illusion that what appears as a hologram seems real and touchable.

The Cheoptics 360 is a technology which allows you to show any kind of animation inside a glass pyramid. Your content will be visible in all four sides to catch a bigger audience.

The Flare is a one-sided hologram where you can integrate some real elements inside, and add some 3D content overlaying your product.


A virtual hostess who appears out of nowhere to speak with your customers.


Projected on to a human shaped silhouette made of thin laser cut, it catches your customer’s attention better than any traditional display.

This technology can also be used for any kind of product you want to showcase, as a good retail animation.