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Throw the Photo Ball in the middle of the action and let the crowd become the star. It’s great for any event in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Shoot unexpected pictures or videos of the crowd with a live feed to a giant wall onstage.
With the balloon camera your events will have a real buzz; you can automatically upload photos & videos on to your social networks. It combines advertising & entertainment.

Technical Specification

  • 2 xPoo3 FuoLID. PICTURE, 1 MOVIE)
  • Diove-rE, 21x (7Er)
  • VOLUME 419D3 (148E6)
  • Woh Sxxxso


The matrix ring is a product created, developed and manufactured by Fractal Systems for crowd entertainment in Dubai. Sixty cameras are installed on a steel truss to give you 360 degree photography.
Walk in to the center of the ring, while we trigger the 60 cameras at the same time and we will take a 360° picture of you. The Matrix 360 degrees combines this technology with a green background and lets you have the environment you want.
Jump and you will have the impression of flying, above Dubai, Paris or New York!

Technical Specification

  • 60 cameras
  • Height. 5 M
  • Width:5 M

Light Bracelet

One person, one light, one pixel - Our light bracelets make it possible by combining art and high tech in Dubai.

Place the crowd at the center of action and make them interact with the environment.

With these light bracelets, you can also use the crowd as a display. Thanks to our positioning system, we can program different color for different zones, making it possible to use the crowd to shape animated logos, objects and more. We can add in this radio frequency model with an embedded RFID chip, allowing you to use it as a personal badge. Light Bracelets are a fantastic new dimension for crowd interactivity.

Lighting Ball

Illuminate your environment

The indirect light from our lightning balls will create the atmosphere you want.
With a choice of colors, pattern (steady, flash or stroboscopic), we will create the environment that suits your venue.

Technical Specification

  • Furnished with charger (Needs 1 hour and a half to be fully charged) between 8 and 10 hours of autonomy
  • More than 16 different colors
  • 4 Effect Mode (Flash, strobe, fade, smooth effect)
  • Waterproof (can be placed on a pool)
  • Remote control (One Remote control can control all the lighting balls, 10 to 15 meters of distance control)