Top 5 Ways to Use a Touch Screen at Events

Touchscreens are a great way to attract guests to your booth and increase overall attendee engagement at your event. Moreover, they provide a unique opportunity to communicate and collaborate with event-goers through the physical act of touch.

Touch software is getting better and better and there are a multitude of applications to use across numerous types of touchscreens. As with any event technology though, it is important that you utilize them in a way that complements your event and maximizes guest interaction. The video below demonstrates some of the unique ways to use touch screens.

What follows are five of our favorite touch content applications to increase engagement and set your event off right.

  1. Navigate Interactive Menus and Event Schedules

Touchscreen monitors and iPad kiosks are perfect for displaying interactive maps and schedules at your event. They can also be strategically placed at sponsor booths for guests to browse product catalogs with the swipe of a finger. Touch information stations will allow attendees to follow along at their own pace and you’ll know that interested parties are seeing the content you want them to.



  1. Promote Fun Learning with Touch Games

Use this technology to create large Interactive Wall surface with projection or any other display technology. With state of the art sensor and built-in computer loaded with advanced gesture tracking software, it is compact as well as powerful.

Fractal Systems enables corporate and brand engagement using branded games and interactive effects which can turn around how customers or employees perceive your company.

  1. Execute Touch Registration and Lead Capture

Utilizing iPad kiosks for your check in is a great way to save paper and show your tech savvy from the get go. Kiosks and touch monitors are also great for lead capture in that they can sync all your signatures and email addresses with your cloud for easy access and storage.

On another note, iPad rentals loaded with event schedules, maps, and social networking make great alternatives to paper brochures and and will provide instant second screen engagement.

  1. Display Content on a Touch Video Wall

If you want the biggest wow factor for displaying your videos and pictures, nothing can beat a touch video wall. Users can scroll through content within your custom menu, zoom in and out, scroll up and down, and swipe things to the side.

You can even incorporate games and have a moderator in place to promote the competition and hand out prizes. However you decide to use it, your video wall is sure to attract a crowd and will be a focal point of your event.

  1. Engage the Audience with Touch Presentations

One event component that often needs the biggest boost in engagement is speaker presentations. Rather than sticking to Powerpoint slides on a projector screen, utilizing touch content can result in super cool presentations.

Touch projectors allow the speaker to interact with the projection surface as if it were a touch screen. Touch video walls and even large touchscreen monitors can also be used to zoom in and out of charts and graphs and move slides forward in an interesting way.

Fractal Systems provides nationwide touch screen delivery and setup. Rent touch screen displays, tables, and kiosks for your trade show,conference or any other event.

Think of any Event Technology and we can develop it for You!

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