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I assume that we attend a lot of events in this changing face of the society. Everywhere we see different technologies shaping in various events. Some of the new advanced technologies are very captivating. We are at a situation where we are not able to imagine an event without these fast paced technologies. Can the event communication ignore the trend of new technologies?

  1. Imagine an Event without Technology

Organizing an event requires a lot of planning, many hours of work and a significant investment. If the event fails to engage the audience, countless resources used for its organization will therefore be virtually useless. Indeed, today any event that wants to succeed requires interaction with the public. Gone are the days where the organizers have faced mute spectators. Technology has revolutionized it. The denial of technology will result in an unsuccessful event, because of the lack of interactivity with the audience. Without the public interactive and participation generated by the use of new technologies, the event fails to fulfil its main objective: to reach its audience in a positive way.

  1. For an interactive Event

Indeed, interactivity created by technology is now essential to make the event logged, social and attractive. The customer will be sensitive to this friendly environment and they will feel more concerned by the content of the event reinforced by technology.

The American Express Meetings & Events surveyed 366 meeting planners and 160 attendees in the first quarter of 2016. The survey shows that 67% of organizers and 55% of participants consider mobile applications in connection with the event as the important factor in crowd engagement and interactive engagement in the event.

Survey Source

  1. For the transmission of a message

In addition, the event is part of the relationship that binds the company to the public.

It is a direct way to enable a message to emerge. The role of technology will be to enable the accessibility and interactivity of the event, making it more pleasant to follow, fostering at the same time for customers / viewers, conveying the message directly. The visibility on social networks will also be enhanced through the use of modern technology. Formal and informal communication of the company will be improved.

  1. To Broaden the Target

In addition to demonstrating the company’s dynamism and modernity, another positive effect for the company will expand the target. In fact, young people are sensitive to new technologies. That will allow the company to rejuvenate its reputation, target a wider audience, to give an image of innovative company and enhance the brand awareness.

  1. Building Lasting Relationship

A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer.

Entertaining and engaging clients is a key requirement for building lasting relationships, hence the need for a business to use new technologies at these events is critical. In order to improve the company’s brand image, the company must invest in the use of new technologies.

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