How to Pull Off a Successful Mall Marketing Activation

Many brands are using activations to build their popularity and give the consumer a unique experience that will make them feel personally connected to the company. Brands today have realized the importance of direct marketing and how important it is to grab the attention of your customers at a place where their main purpose is purchase.

What is a brand activation?

Mall activations are an ideal way to create brand awareness and to introduce new products or services to consumers. Activations help to create engaging and memorable experiences that evoke emotions within consumers. Brand activation takes a holistic approach of linking social media and creating a unique brand experience to the user. The user will remember the experience as he experiences the brand in a unique way. It also provides more scope for creativity to the advertising and the agencies to create cutting-edge interaction with the brand.

Here are some advantages:

Personal connections that can be formed with the target audience.

Tying in the brand with a unique experience.

Increased brand awareness.

Media attention.

Effective and shocking marketing strategy.

Return on investment

Have a look at these great examples of successful brand activations:

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