5 Key Industries that Augmented Reality Will Transform

Augmented Reality is here and ready to shake up many things. Not only is it just another cool new technology, it will change the way people will interact with their everyday world. Augmented Reality will turn that smartphone in your pocket into a the new, information-packed window through which you will see the world.

In particular, here are the five industries that will feel the immediate impact of Augmented Reality:

  1. Education

Need to know which constellation it is for your geography project? Now, you just need to point your smartphone to the stars in the sky and voila, the constellation will be identified and all it’s essential information will be on your smartphone screen. Further, text book publishers can build apps integrated with Augmented Reality supplementing the books, so that students can for example, view the demonstration of a science experiment just as they read the chapter, and even interact with it. This will not only keep the students curious and interested, but will also cut down on costs of buying unwanted physical apparatus and other equipment.



  1. Retail

Got exhausted running around stores looking for the best offers? Not anymore! Walk into the mall, take your smartphone out, open the app and point it toward the stores. The smartphone will use its camera to scan and identify the products of each of the stores. In a few seconds, it will display on screen, the offers available in each store, best bargains, and a ton of other information!



  1. Advertising

Brands need to engage their customers constantly. With Augmented Reality, brands get the platform to engage both cognitively, and through their senses. In a world where millennial are going to drive consumption, if a brand and it’s experience is not desirable, customers will just move to a competitor! Augmented Reality will turn out to be an inexpensive medium which will enable advertisers to develop in-depth knowledge about their customers use it to deliver heavily personalized experiences that will tick the emotional senses of customers just right, thus increasing the possibilities of higher sales.



  1. Navigation

Perhaps one of the most common applications of Augmented Reality we have seen yet is in navigation. You just have to point your smartphone to your surroundings and see the magic unfold on the display. The phone’s GPS receiver, accelerometer, and magnetometer will work in tandem to find you the nearby restaurants, cash machines, fuel pumps, and other common places, all in real-time. Further, you will also get to know building names, road names, and other landmarks.



  1. Gaming

Did you catch the Pokemon Go fever? Pokemon Go is touted to be a breakthrough in Augmented Reality gaming. The game uses a map of the user’s environment on screen, based on which the smartphone’s clock, gyroscope, GPS and camera work together to enable a location-based augmented reality environment. Augmented Reality games insert a recreated environment on top of the user’s actual environment or even build a completely new one on top. This would captivate and keep the gamers more involved and make the games a lot more realistic.



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