Created, developed and manufactured by Fractal Systems, the Matrix Ring is made with 30 to 60 Cameras installed on a steel truss to design a 180 to 360 degrees’ picture.

Walk in to the center of the ring, while we trigger the cameras to take a 360 degrees’ picture of you. This technology is also knows as 'Bullet Time Photos'.

The Matrix Ring 360 can also work with a green background to integrate any kind of background behind the people. It can be link to a touch kiosk to share the picture directly on the social networks, or give it to the public on a pen drive or by mail.
Extensive photo coverage using professional DSLR cameras & accessories.
Unlimited high quality digital shots Photo coverage starts from preparation till the event proper Post processing or enhancement of selected photos can be customized.
It is a special and visual effect that refers to a digitally enhanced simulation of variable-speeds, such as slow motion and time-lapse photography.

Our special Matrix Ring slows the images down but also changes the camera angle by moving around the scene changing the audience's point of view.
The images are then automatically stitched together into video feeds and can be used within minutes to be shared online on all social media platforms.

The cameras are triggered remotely in the moment of action. Thanks to our special software several motifs per film can be integrated. The ring can be arranged at different heights and angles for individual perspectives. Products such as vehicles can also be part of the campaign thanks to variable ring sizes.

The photos are automatically transferred to the service station. Thanks to high-performance computers and specially developed software, it takes only seconds to produce a Full HD 360° video. Product graphics and brand videos can be integrated into the 360-degree video as opening and closing credits.